Experience the traditional culture of the Kuna people.

When you take part on a Nirvana Charters sailing adventure, it’s not only the water sports that you’ll remember, but your encounters with the indigenous culture will leave an equally lasting impression on you.

As you sail throughout the San Blas Islands, you will see the Kuna people and as part of the Beyond Bocas surf adventures, you’ll get to visit parts within the Ngäbe-Buglé comarca, both trips giving you the chance to see these indigenous groups living very much in their traditional ways.

You’ll get to respectfully experience their rich and vibrant culture, as you visit islands where you’ll be greeted by shy smiles and curious children who are excited to see ‘strange’ foreign visitors! The Kuna women often come and show you their incredible ‘molas’, which are their traditional hand-sewn crafts depicting colorful scenes commonly incorporating Kuna legend and culture or their personal observations of the natural world. Guests are encouraged to purchase these eye-catching handicrafts, because not only are they a unique souvenir you’ll treasure forever, but you’ll also be supporting the local women and their craft.

The Kuna have autonomous ownership within the Comarca de Kuna Yala (region of Kuna land), and are spread out around over 40 different islands, each governed by its own chief and it is through this highly advanced political system that the Kuna have managed to preserve their culture and traditions to this very day.

Being deeply connected to the region they’ve inhabited for centuries, the Ngäbe-Buglé and Kuna continue to live much in the same manner as their ancestors, living symbiotically with the abundant land and waters. Cultivating their own fruit and vegetables and fishing and hunting in the jungles, they remain unharmed by modern influences and tourism, which is something that is truly wonderful to experience.

*Note: There are some islands where a local representative will collect a small fee for you to visit their land.